Giving the Gift of Herbs

Giving herbs this holiday season can be a great green gift. There are lots of different ways to upcycle containers to make the gift personal and special, and a theme such as herbs can make creating a personalized gift easy, useful, and local.

String with bundles of herbs hanging from it with wooden pegs, on a blue board background.
The Gift of Herbs

DIY Window Fresh Herb Gift

Here is a quick way to upcycle empty containers into beautiful gifts for the holiday season.
  1. Select your container, remove any labels, clean of all residue and let dry

  2. Choose your design and method of decorating (see below for some ideas)

  3. Add small pebbles at the bottom for drainage, then add the herb plant, with or without extra soil depending on your container size.

  4. Don't forget your label (if you keep the label the herb came with the recipient will know how to take care of the plant)

Here are a few examples of easy upcycling containers for herb gift giving.
  1. Glass sauce jar stenciled with glass paint and glazed with Modge Podge

  2. Small metal can label removed and course ribbon and string wrapped around

  3. Thrifted mug paired with herb by theme or color

  4. Large metal can painted with all-surface paint and gold sharpie leaf

  5. Glass jar with washi tape wrapped around

Add this to make a perfectly paired gift set

More Herb DIY Ideas