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Greetings from the Blogosphere!

Hello lovely people and welcome to the new blog from Trove.

The aim of this blog is to feature upcycling ideas, low waste living tips, DIY instructions, and connections to other local businesses that support you living low waste and more planet sustainable lives. Simply because all of us need help and support, and a good dose of creativity for this effort to work.

I want it also to be a place to explore local environmental and climate justice projects and issues, and the people working on addressing them, and of course find ways you might want to help.

Finally, I hope this will be a space where I connect the dots between the products that I bring into the store, the impact you can have as an individual, and how we can move toward a more sustainable future for all. A lofty goal to be sure but an important one!

The first few posts will be themed around ways to have a more sustainable holiday season and some low waste but high awesomeness gift-giving ideas.

Most importantly, we are in this together, so if you have ideas of what you want to see, learn about, or people/companies to feature, please let me know in the comments or at

I am super excited about this journey, and hope you are too!

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Congratulations! Looking forward to the great content & recommendations!

Me gusta
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