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My name is Clare Flaherty and I am the founder of  Trove Green Provisions. As someone who has been trying to reduce our families' negative impact on the earth for many years, I found that I was always running to lots of different stores or buying from individual places online. I already made natural body products to sell locally and wanted to combine these with the products I loved from other companies and make them refillable.

Together, I know that we can make a difference as we refill, reduce, and rejoice!

Image by Martin Sepion
Image by Martin Sepion


Provide quality earth-friendly products that help you lower waste and live a more environmentally sustainable way. 

Educate and promote ideas, policies, and movements that address the Climate Crisis and Environmental Justice.

Support small and socially responsible businesses.

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Celebrating Women

As a woman-owned company, Trove is committed to supporting other women as we build a better tomorrow.

Women-Founded or Women-Owned Suppliers

Meliora Cleaning Products

Me. Mother Earth

Loohoo Wool Dryer Balls

Muddy Mint

Z- Wraps

Rock Creek Soaps

Plaine Products

Marley's Monsters

Viv for Your V

Lathered Soaps

Lagniappe Arts and Crafts

Flotsam Woodworking

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