Hello Lovely People.

My name is Clare Flaherty and I am the founder of  Trove Green Provisions. As someone who has been trying to reduce our families' negative impact on the earth for many years, I found that I was always running to lots of different stores or buying from individual places online. I already made natural body products to sell locally and wanted to combine these with the products I loved from other companies, as well as making them refillable and low waste, and hopefully create a local go-to place for green provisions. My goal for the store is that becomes a treasure trove of planet and people-friendly, low-waste, natural, and quality products that help make it easy to live in a more environmentally sustainable, and climate-conscious way.

Together, I know that we can make a difference as we refill, reduce, recycle, and rejoice!

Image by Martin Sepion
Image by Martin Sepion


Provide quality earth-friendly products that help you lower waste and live a more environmentally sustainable way. 

Educate and promote ideas, policies, and movements that address the Climate Crisis.

Support small and socially responsible businesses.



We are partnering with this Maine company that has recently been awarded the recommended curbside pick-up from the City of Medford. 

Please visit www.garbagetogarden.org to complete your registration and begin your free trial. You will only be charged $20 for your 12-gallon curbside bin!


One-Month Trial Code: TROVE

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Celebrating Women

As a woman-owned company, Trove is committed to supporting other women as we build a better tomorrow.

Women-Founded or Women-Owned Suppliers

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Loohoo Wool Dryer Balls

The Cora Ball

Z- Wraps

Rock Creek Soaps

Plaine Products

Marley's Monsters

Viv for Your V

Diane's Soaps

Lagniappe Arts and Crafts

Flotsam Woodworking